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Windows Time-service configuration

Still having problems using w32time service. Well that’s history using the settings below. Choose your ntp server internal or external http://www.pool.ntp.org/ Copy and paste it in notepad and save as *.reg file. Merge it into the registry and restart your … Continue reading

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VMware VMDK disk management with ESX, Workstation and Server

Resize your virtual disk Vmware ESX 2.5.4 : Making it bigger: vmkfstools -X disksizeG /vmfs/lunname(vmhba0\:0\:0\:0)/your.vmdk Making it smaller: vmkfstools -X disksizeG /vmfs/lunname(vmhba0\:0\:0\:0)/your.vmdk –forceVmware Workstation Workstation: Making it smaller: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation>vmware-vdiskmanager.exe –k your.vmdk Making it bigger: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation>vmware-vdiskmanager.exe –x disksizeG your.vmdk … Continue reading

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