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BPOS Mailbox Sharing and Delegation

The contents for your powershell script $cred = get-credential $csv = Import-Csv –Path c:\bposscripts\mailbox-permission.csv $csv | Add-MSOnlineMailPermission -Credential $cred Example content csv: Identity,TrustedUser,GrantFullAccess,GrantSendAs user1@example.com,admin@example.com,True,True user2@example.com,admin@example.com,True,False This command grants admin@example.com (TrustedUser) fullaccess and/or send as permissions on user@example.com MSOnlineMailPermission

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MS My Phone and BPOS

Reading the blog article of Marc . It should be nice to integrate this into BPOS having your documents stored into your Sharepoint. Let’s hope within the next release. Technorati Tags: BPOS,My Phone

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