Setting up Windows Deployment Services – The Basics

First of all you have to install the appropriate "Role" on your Windows 2008 server.

After installing I would say reboot your machine. Now the nice part starts, collect your operating systems which has to be distributed. I used VirtualCloneDrive to mount the DVD. Now you can mount the iso image including your OS, Copy the contents to lets say c:\OS-source\win7x86 (Yep). If it’s ready remove the read only  attributes .(later on you will find out)

Oke now its time to add your images to the "store". First upload your "Boot Images", right click on Boot Images and choose add image. Browse to c:\OS-source\win7x86\sources" and select the boot.wim file. Click on next, there you can change the display name, by default click twice on next. This proces will take a while so grab a coffee. The same way you can add the install image select the install.wim file.

Lets try to deploy a image to a vmware workstation (virtual IDE disk). Boot it and hit F12, choose your boot image windows7 X86. Select your Locale and Keyboard. I have to login because my server is a domain server. Select the image to install windows 7 X86. Select your drive to install the OS and create the partition. After clicking on next the installation will start. Again grab a coffee 😉

Deploying a image if the hardware is not to old and not that new. (mmmm) it works cool.

If it’s ready than you have to apply your product key, right click on my computer and select properties scroll down to windows activation and select change product key. Make the change and activate your windows. Ready to go. 

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