Cold Migrate using openfiler

First we start with download the stable release from

Then I started a new virtual machine.Follow the default setup, accept the warning memory swap. Because it don’t need any more memory. During install assign a static ip-number instead of using DHCP. After completing the setup open up the web interface. Browse to your openfiler https://:446/ Username is by default “openfiler” and password “password”.


Now it’s a good time to make a backup of your settings. Navigate to the system tab and on the right below system section choose Backup/restore. I hear you thinking why now!! Well suppose later on you will remove or change partitions using the command line. (not supported within the GUI) Settings are also written to some configuration files. Now we are going to enable the NFS service and iSCSI target by clicking on the services tab and click on “Enable” NFSv3 server and iSCSI target. And disable the iSCSC initiator.


These are the basic services we would like to use. Ok now it’s time to shutdown the openfiler and to add a storage disk. After that, boot your system again. Now you will see in the status overview the second disk.


Hit the Volumes tab and add a partition or disk to the block device management. If added it will look like this.


Now we have to create a volume group. On the volumes tab, on the right side > Volume groups.


Give it a name, I will call it “nfs-store” because that’s what it’s going to be. (for my solution) Place a check mark and add volume group. We have to create a volume within the “nfs-store”. If you browse again to the Volumes tab and choose add volume.


Now the openfiler is ready for use. I’am using Veeam FastSCP or the command line for copying the vmdk files.

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