Dual boot Windows 7 <> Windows 8 CP <> Windows 8 Server

pre requirements:

DVD of bootable USB device including Windows 8.

Disk space:

At least 200 GB free space.(If you do install both versions)


Well hands on Smile

Boot from DVD or USB Device  
image Before you proceed to “Install now”. Press SHIFT+F10. a WinPe command prompt will popup.

Type: Diskpart

command list disk Shows all disks
command select disk 0 Select disk (ex. disk 0)
command list vol Shows all partitions
command create vdisk file=d:\a_name.vhd maximum=100000 type=expandable this command create a virtual disk 100 GB.
command select vdisk file=d:\a_name.vhd Select vdisk
command attach vdisk mount disk
image Close the prompt exit
image Continue the installation.
We will discover the “new” vdisk. If not go back some steps.

There will be a warning, but the next button is unlocked so proceed using next.

image If the installation is ready it will will reboot. Do not change anything at the first screen at this moment. Just sit back and relax.
After the restart installation will go on.

Final at the next restart you may change your default OS.

Before playing around, if you have approx 8 GB disks space left, you may copy your vhd file as a backup!  
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