Document is locked for editing on a Sharepoint farm

Suddenly out of the blue we where confronted with document locking on our Sharepoint farm. Starting to have a look at the event log, and then the Sharepoint log files. mmmm Nothing wrong with that. Checking the SQL server belonging to the farm al log files clear.

I decided to put some search sentences using Google.

Well I found a lot of stuff about this problem, but all the solutions where pointing to the client site. That’s strange because till yesterday all was working well and no windows update is pushed to the clients.

Then a found a blog post about Implicit vs Explicit Document Check-out in Sharepoint from Ian. Reading this and actually looking at the screens. The modified date of the document that could be it. Because in the past, lets say the last time we used visual source save 😉 ye ye I know but its a long long time ago. I had a similar issue.

So I opened up the farm SQL server again and have a look at the system date/time. And yes there it is for a unknown reason de SQL server was running 1 hour behind the time of our AD. That’s very strange because of the time sync is managed by AD and al other machines are pointing to our domain server. I have to investigate this so it will not happen again.

So after setting the date/time to the same time as our AD. All the file locking problems are gone with the wind…

So keeping that in mind that its not your sharepoint server which is responsible for the date/time stamps on your documents, but its your SQL server.


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