Instant Message(IM) channel setup for SCOM2007R2

It has been a struggle to get this working. After reading SCOM2007 UNLEASHED and a lot of “googeling” reading a lot of post information its finally working.
After the setup of my IM-Channel and subscribers I was confronted with the following message:

Alert: Failed to send notification using server/device
Source: Microsoft.SystemCenter.NotificationServer
Last modified by: System
Last modified time: 20-5-2010 17:25:14
Alert description: Notification subsystem failed to send notification using device/server ‘’ over ‘sip’ protocol to’.Microsoft.Collaboration.OperationTimeoutException: This operation has timed out.: Sip response: 0x0 (0x0). Rule id: Subscription{GUID}
Notification subscription ID generating this message: {GUID}

First off all prepare your communication server


Export your certificate.(complete chain)
Check both entry’s as Front End Server protocol.

The next thing to do is add your SCOM2007R2 server as a authenticated server.


Now it’s time to reboot your Communication server.

Above I mentioned “After the setup of my IM-Channel and subscribers”

Import your certificate into your SCOM2007R2 server (from your communication server) to your personal local machine store , after import check if the path is fully recognized.

Add a new user to your AD (domain user, the name in my case “scom2007r2”, and create a mail and sip address for this account)
On the System Center Operation Manager go to Administration. Click on accounts. Now create a new Run As Account below some details.


Click on Add as secure server. Ok that’s done now set up a profile, as you can see it’s important to select as association a class rather then a group or object. And of coarse select the run as account. 


Now it’s time to create your Notification Channel:


After this it’s time to setup your subscribers and there Subscription.

Having said this and a reboot of my SCOM2007R2 server. I start receiving messages 😉

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