Export VM Workstation or Server to OVF

I use this tool for exporting VM’s to ESX4 server. Also I do use it for backup my VM’s, due to the compression technique it save’s a lot of space. (Before using it write down your network adapter settings as IP address and so on).

Before you can start using it you have to download the OVF Tool from VMware. http://www.vmware.com/downloads After installing the tool add the OVF tool Path to your environment variable. To check if it’s done well open your command line anf type ovftool -h, now the help will be displayed.

The default usage is ovftool <options> <source locator> <target locator> more specific switches and tips can be found in the ovftool_10_userguide.pdf 

If you receive a error while starting “Device ‘cdrom1’ has a backing type that is not supported.” just remove it from your vmx config file. Good luck.

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