Commit and remove snapshots on ESX4

To commit and remove snapshots you need to have enough freespace (vmdk + “-delta”.vmdk)

First create a snapshot after the latest changes. After that has been done you can delete the other one’s using the gui or commandline.

To commit the latest one to the original you have to use the commandline.

  • vmware-cmd -l   this will display a full list of available vm images (*.vmx) ” /vmfs/volumes/Guid/vmname/vmconfigname.vmx”
  • vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/Guid/vmname/vmconfigname.vmx hassnapshot
    hassnapshot() = 1  if there no snapshot the result will be 0
  • vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/Guid/vmname/vmconfigname.vmx removesnapshots
    removesnapshots() = 1 On succesfull removal the ruslt will be 1

That’s it for now 😉

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