ForeFront Server and Client.

Forefront is based on 32bits platform, so keeping that in mind. I’m using Windows2008 Datacenter (x86) as OS. Disk space about 60 GB. Activated the following “Roles and Features”:

Roles: Application server, Webserver(Application server foundation,web server support also IIS6)

Features: .Net Framework 3.0 Features, Group Policy Management,Remote server Administration Tools, Windows Proces Activation Service.

Apply al windows updates.

After that you have to install SQL2005 including reporting and integration services. Installed SQL2005 SP3 and again all Windows updates.

Then another pre-requirement .Net Framework 1.1 and SP1. And again install your windows updates and reboot your machine. If you take a look within the IIS manager Handler Mappings you will discover the ASPNET 1.1 entry’s


Create your “DAS” account on your Active Directory and make local admin on your ForeFront Server.

Mount your iso image or play the CD/DVD “en_forefront_client_security_x86_x64_cd_x13-62435.iso”

And start the install. Give al the information during installation and wait a moment.

If run into a error as “System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80080005)” this is mostly a timing issue use the “back button and click next”.  yep it sounds bad but it’s an official workaround.

Other issues can be found

And on the end.


Run windows update again! Your ready.

For manual deployment you can use Forefront Client Security Deployment Tool

The Security setting may not correct by the initial setup

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