Using a Qlogic QLE220 HBA with ESX 4

After installing ESX4, we see that the HBA is not recognized.

Put the server in maintenance mode.

To get it working you have to modify your qla2xxx.xml file. So login to your ESX4 server using putty and change to /etc/vmware/pciid the mentioned file will be there.

copy this part

<device id=”5432″>
  <vmware label=”fc”>
  <table file=”pcitable” module=”ignore” />
  <table file=”pcitable.Linux” module=”qla2xxx” />

into your qla2xxx.xml file and save it.

Now we have to run a utility that will update some files.
Run the following command esxcfg-pciid

reboot your server. And exit maintenance mode.

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