Adding a SharePoint (2007) server to an existing farm

Recently I did have some problems because a small SharePoint farm lost its moss 2007 server used for indexing and search and central administration. The Web front end and SQL server are still running so the end user was able to get to al the information.

Only administration could not be done.

How to get it up and running again?

Well I followed these steps.

  1. Reserve some disk space on a SAN and assign it to the right storage group. Deploy a default Windows 2008 server.
  2. Install the right features and Windows 2008 roles.
  3. Install SharePoint 2007 SP1 including a “temp” configuration database, and make sure that the server is updated by MS update.

mmm I hear you thinking that easy. Well it is, if you know how to go from here.

First to check:

Which updates are installed? Normal you should check the central administration or add/remove software ,but in this case its gone. So we have to search an other way. I used SQL server and did a query on the configuration database.

(SELECT[VersionId],[Version],[Id],[Updates],[Notes] FROM [your_configuration_db].[dbo].[Versions])

This will give you a list of installed wss and moss updates.

In my case I hat to install a wss update other wise your will receive a error that the database didn’t have the right version, you can’t connect.

If all necessary updates have been deployed than we can disconnect our temporarily configuration database.

psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -disconnect

After a while this command will end with “Configuration of the SharePoint Products and Technologies has succeeded”

Now we have to attach the right configuration database. That can be done by the command line using.

psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -connect -server sql\instancename -database configdbname -user domain\account -password secret

Or use the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard, this is the one I used “yeh a little bit lazy I know”. Select the right server and instance, select the right configuration database, create a central administration site by giving the right port number.

Now sit back and relax this could take while because al web sites and application pools are created and so on.

The last steps to make are installing the Ifilter from Adobe or Foxit to search true pdf documents. Now its time to  start the search and indexing engine, force a full crawl.


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