Setting up Windows Deployment Services – Creating the capture image.

Inside WDS you have to go to the boot images. Select the appropriate one and right click on it. Choose "create capture boot image", enter your image name and description and the location were to store the capture.wim file. Click on next and wait a while. When completed click on finish.

Adding the capture image to WDS. Inside WDS the boot images right click on empty space and choose add boot image. Browse to your capture.wim file and click on next, check the name given and go on using next and again next. Now the capture image is added to the store.

Now prepare your desktop/laptop/server fore capture. Search the sysprep tool. The only one I’ve used is generalize.(In the earlier years-reseal)  It makes changes so that the computer can be used as a base for imaging. It strips out all unique security descriptors and hardware specific drivers out. After that PXE boot your machine. Hit the F12 key and select your capture image from the boot menu.

Now you receive a warm welcome to the Deployment Service Image Capture Wizard. Click on next select the volume to capture, apply a image name and description and click on next. Here you can make a decision where you will save the image or on another local (usb) disk or uploading to the WDS server.

I will use the direct upload, so you have to enter a name and location, given the server name and the image group name. Hit the "Next" button and relax.

Now the image is automatic uploaded and ready to use, other wise you have to upload it to the "Install Images" by your self.

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