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VMWare getting into boot menu on a lightning fast host machine.

Update your .vmx file and add: bios.bootDelay = "5000" this adds a 5000 ms (5 seconds) delay at boot time.Or add:bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE" to force VM to enter the BIOS setup at next boot.

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Validation of viewstate MAC failed

Turn off event validation! Everything I read on that was telling me it would be a security nightmare to have a public application with page validateRequest=”false” enableEventValidation=”false” viewStateEncryptionMode=”never” in your web config file. After a little bit searching I found … Continue reading

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Migrating IIS7 Site Settings

In IIS 5 and 6, you could export Site configuration settings and import them back on another machine making server migration very easy. When IIS 7 came along, we lost that command in the IIS Manager. Fortunately, there is now … Continue reading

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How to install ASP.NET 1.1 with IIS7 on Vista and Windows 2008

A great post to run older applications on iis7 Config IIS7

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MS My Phone and BPOS

Reading the blog article of Marc . It should be nice to integrate this into BPOS having your documents stored into your Sharepoint. Let’s hope within the next release. Technorati Tags: BPOS,My Phone

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VMware v Sphere 4 available on 21 May

VMware vSphere 4 Delivers Unprecedented Efficiency, Control and Choice. VMware is pleased to announce the general availability for VMware vSphere 4 is 21 May 2009. VMware vSphere 4 extends the previous generation VMware platform – VMware Infrastructure 3 – along … Continue reading

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