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Change VPN pptp iprange on synology

start a telnet session to your device. (beware :use your root account) vi /usr/syno/etc/packages/VPNCenter/pptp/pptpd.conf localip (ip number of your device) remoteip Save your config and restart VPN (DSM or restart service)

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Hyper-V & Vmware on the same box

It’ has been a while, last time a followed a training course from RES. Using a predefined VMware image. I did have the Hyper-V role enabled on my laptop. Installing VMware Player beside the Hyper-V results of course with a … Continue reading

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MD3000i adding/expanding diskspace

smcli –n storage_arry_name -c “set virtualdisk [\”your-disk-name\”] addcapacity=size in bytes;” –p password Calculate the size in bytes

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MD3000i Monitor activity

See what is going on: smcli –n storage_arry_name –p password -c “show virtualDisk [\”your-disk-name\”] actionProgress;”

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Enable root login XBMC

At first login with your credentials made during setup. We will use the “ sudo “ command The next steps you have to make are: sudo bash sudo su sudo passwd root Now your root account is enabled and your … Continue reading

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Static IP on XBMC

Be sure you have root credentials! How to? Enable root . We are going to modify a file. So use putty or winscp to connect to your xbmc center. After login, using your root credentials. Navigate to /etc/network and there … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 & add a net work location. Pop-Up for credentials, can not connect \\server.address@SSL\DavWWWRoot.

Yes friends, it took me a while to find a solution for this problem. But I think its solved. The problem is caused by the more secure Windows7 and Windows2008R2. “ Okay, after trying random things I have come to … Continue reading

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Dual boot Windows 7 <> Windows 8 CP <> Windows 8 Server

pre requirements: DVD of bootable USB device including Windows 8. Disk space: At least 200 GB free space.(If you do install both versions)   Well hands on Boot from DVD or USB Device   Before you proceed to “Install now”. … Continue reading

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Edit folders for Synology media server

When you enable the Synology Media Server on your NAS, there are 3 directories added to your file-system (video, music and photo) which will be used for the DLNA/UPnP media server to play the corresponding files. I was searching for … Continue reading

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Slow startup and endless buffering popcorn hour conected to NAS device

After pulling my hair out I found the solution : Use the remote control of your popcorn and change the connection string on your network config page. I must be like this: NFS-TCP:// in the connection string.

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